Our main service is complex turnkey design of public interiors. We specialize in architectural design:


  • Interiors of office spaces. Class A +, A, B + offices;

  • Interiors of VIP-zones and cabinet groups for top-managers and chief executives of companies;

  • Interiors of public areas and offices of business centers; 

  • Interiors of atriums and lobbies;

  • Interiors of common areas of residential complexes;

  • Interiors of shopping centers and shops;

  • Interiors of hotels, restaurants and cafes (HORECA);

  • Interiors of medical centers and clinics;

  • Interiors of educational institutions - schools, playrooms, recreation.


The cost of architectural interior design depends on several factors. First of all, the price of the project is influenced by the composition of services and the set of stages and stages that are required by the customer. The price for an interior project directly depends on the design area, the larger the footage, the lower the price per square meter. Also, the design cost is influenced by such factors as design spots, number of storeys, the ratio of open workspaces, corridors, offices and VIP zones, the customer's wish for exclusivity. At the same time, the price for an architectural project can be reduced for regular customers and partners due to a system of discounts. With a combination of different components, the cost of architectural design can range from 200 rubles per square meter, and up to 6,000 rubles per square meter of floor space. Our final design price is always very friendly, the most attractive and competitive with a comparable set of services and the level of execution of an architectural project. The highest professional and aesthetic level of the architectural project execution remains unchanged.



The concept shows the best options for the planning structure of the office, developed on the basis of the Task Program together with the client. This is a system of office functioning, a description of the zoning of functional zones, indicating the purpose of the premises and their areas, the location of workplaces and equipment. The result of this stage is a graphic showboard with options for stylistic solutions for the office space and several options for an optimized layout solution based on the transferred layout.



The basis of the Design Project is agreed by the Client  variant of the Architectural Concept. Design - The project gives an idea of the aesthetics of space and fully  reflects the architectural and planning solutions of the office. Project  made on the basis of real samples of construction and finishing  materials, office partitions, equipment, furniture.  The design project is the necessary and sufficient documentation  to calculate the cost of construction.



The basis of the Working Project is the Interior Design Project approved by the Client. Working documentation includes all the necessary  information for carrying out construction work.


Field supervision includes regular visits to  construction site and control of the compliance of construction works  project documentation.